Applications & Product Innovation

Glucanova will assist you in any step of the development phase and adapt the technology and ingredient composition to meet your needs. Our services range from early R&D to contract manufacturing. We believe it facilitates and speeds up the innovation process if we are part of it from beginning, even though this is not a must.

Liquid oat ingredients enriching your products

The ingredient is provided as a dry ingredient mix. We also have extensive experience in developing final consumer concepts where liquid oat ingredients are part of the formulation.

Dry ingredient mix

The dry oat ingredient is supplied as a tailor made ingredient mix. The liquid oat ingredient is prepared at the customer site according to the specific production method provided by Glucanova. Sequentially the addition of the liquid oat can be made to the final product.

Final consumer concepts

Glucanova has extensive experience in developing final consumer concepts where oats are part of the formulation. Glucanova also provides this service to our clients through co-packers.

Start Your Next innovation with Glucanova liquid oat ingredients

Liquid oat ingredients can be used in a large number of applications to add rich taste and nutrition that can be marketed with easily communicable claims and messages related to whole grain oats and oat fiber.

Nutritional beverages

The liquid oat ingredients can successfully be incorporated in combination with an extensive range of ingredients. Natural flavors, juices, purées etc. may be added for applications in nutritional beverages, smoothies, fruit drinks and fiber drinks to create the ultimate nutritional beverage experience.

Dairy applications

Liquid oat ingredients fit perfectly for the development of health promoting dairy functional food products based on milk and oats. Glucanova is presently conducting a large research and development project within this field.

Our documents

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