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The glucanova technology facilitates the inclusion of a wide range of oat bran, whole grain oats and sub-fractions in beverages and other liquid and wet applications. The technology is based on a very careful selection of oat raw materials in combination with a unique bio-processing step. The combination of excellent nutritional profile, health promoting effects and superior taste and texture gives a very strong competitive advantage to oats over other cereals. The technology allows the convenient production of products with different characteristics such as sweetness, viscosity, fermentability, emulsion stability and fiber content. The technology allows innovation within the full fiber beverage segment through palatability improvements resulting in high sensory scores.

All the products could be adapted to your specifications. We also help in the development of liquid oat ingredients based on your own oat material.

Liquid Oat Bran (LOB)

“Liquid oat bran” is obtained from oat bran with high total fiber and β-glucan contents. The Glucanova process yields a smooth liquid oat bran base with a high total fiber content. Suitable for applications in fiber drinks, nutritional beverages, juices, dairy products (drinking yogurts), puddings, porridges, soups, ice cream and probably your needs.

Liquid Whole Oats (LWO)

“Liquid whole oats” are obtained from liquefied milled whole oat grains keeping all the goodness of oats. The liquid product is suitable for applications in nutritional beverages, dairy products, juices, drinks, and for all those applications and concepts that could take the advantage of whole grain communication.

Liquid Oats (LO)

"Liquid oats" are obtained using an oat flour with a lower fiber content. Suitable for applications in baby food and other applications where oat is a benefit, but where a low concentration of fiber for various reasons is desired.

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