With uncompromised mouthfeel and taste

Say hello to a world of smoothness

Are you

  • ... interested in sharpening your product range with nutritious high-fiber ingredients?

  • ... looking for new revenue streams?

  • ... tempted by the economic potential in truly healthy and sustainable offerings?

  • ... searching for a partner to help you reach your goals?

Welcome to Glucanova

Your preferred innovation partner in the development of tasty, nutritious and sustainable liquid foods with oats

Let us get straight to the point.

Oats and oat bran have unique health and nutritional properties. But it can be a challenge to include the complete content of fiber in smooth and attractive liquid foods.

With Glucanova’s oats you will be able to produce high-fiber liquid foods and beverages with un-compromised functionality, smoothness, viscosity, mouthfeel, and taste. All the goodies from the oats will be present in your final product, including the soluble (beta-glucans) and insoluble fiber. We offer off-the-shelf ingredients as well as tailored products to suit your requirements. In most cases, your existing processing facility will be able to do the job.

The Glucanova story in short

The founder team meets under a lucky star in San Fransisco

New opportunities

Oat- and enzyme research combined is a candidate for opening up totally new opportunities for oat-based liquid foods.

An idea is born!

”High fiber liquid oat-base including the insoluble fraction, is that really possible? ”

Hard work

A lot of hard work and advanced research joggling with enzymes lays the foundation for novel bioprocessing technology.

Patent filed

Patent filed on bioprocessing technology and products made possible.

First International customer contract

Glucanova going global

First Global Customer is Sweden’s largest food exporter, present in over 50 countries.

Contract with one of the largest Dairy Manufacturers in the world

It is a fun and adventures journey we have embarked, and the best thing is that it has only started. Oats is the future – and whatever you want to do with liquid oats – do it with us!

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